Stefan Goldby

Stefan Goldby

Stefan Goldby began his career in the entertainment industry as a college radio DJ in deepest Ohio as an English-Speaking Union of the Commonwealth scholarship winner in 1992.

After completing college in the UK (and DJ’ing both in nightclubs and on the radio), Stefan joined the Music Link team in Denver, CO as host and producer of their award-winning PBS music television shows. Learning at the side of director Michael Drumm, he produced short and long form interviews, commercials, and concert shoots for artists, record labels and media companies. Stefan also managed the Music Link Retail Network, placing featured albums in multimedia displays in independent record stores to directly leverage the impact of television to sell music products.

After a move to Los Angeles to continue repping Music Link (including expansion of the the retail network to California as part of a Red-Eye Network that was ultimately acquired by, Stefan also co-founded Chemistry Productions as a hub for additional freelance work. With Chemistry he expanded his content skillset as a producer/programmer across radio, print, online, retail and in-flight networks and while also supporting Christine Goldby‘s independent projects as post-production producer.

From 2004-2009, Stefan spent a dynamic and intensive 5 year span as part of the maniaTV founding team. Initially leading content acquisition (obtained rights to air more than 15,000 music videos online) and music programming (booked more than 1,000 artist interviewsfor what became the world’s first internet television network.

Acted as Executive Producer for maniaTV’s music, action sports and gaming networks, Stefan integrated a 100-member production staff with extensive marketing and sales efforts while also overseeing the creation of multiple next-gen broadcast studios. In recognition of those efforts, Stefan was named as maniaTV’s Vice President of Production and Programming and oversaw the network’s big move from Denver to Los Angeles as viewership increased to a monthly peak of 10 million users

Post-maniaTV, Stefan has excitedly taken on a wide variety of challenges across the entertainment, business, retail and nonprofit worlds as a project manager, business consultant, content executive, and revenue/fundraising strategist. Recent projects can be seen throughout this site, with clients including iconic craft coffee house Pegasus, famous musician Lol Tolhurst’s Cured, the Beauty In The Fourth Dimension art collection, LA-area independent record store Fingerprints Music, and PNW community nonprofits Bainbridge Strong and Bainbridge Island Rowing.

Stefan recently spent three impactful years working as the President/CEO of the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce, supporting, connecting and advocating 500 members as a change agent, community connector and an enthusiastic ambassador for Bainbridge Island, WA.​​

Fun fact: Stefan’s extensive collection of curated entertainment content was recently added to Permanent Collection of the US Library of Congress.

Over the past four decades, Stefan has generated more than $10M in revenues and investment, and won 9 Billboard Awards for outstanding music television.