Buzzine - Where The Good Goes

The Chemistry team were engaged by Richard Elfman and his talented family to rebrand, rebuild and re-establish Buzzine, a legacy print brand they purchased to turn into a trusted and respected Hollywood insider digital network.

Leading business development and content strategy as consulting members of the executive team, we helped source and build a creative and marketing crew who have since become key players at the likes of Nerdist, Saatchi & Saatchi, and PopSugar. Organic traffic to the redesigned Buzzine website increased tenfold, accompanied by dramatic upswings in user engagement, Time on Page and Page Per Visit metrics.

More than 300 Buzzine interview shoots were booked and produced with leading names from the worlds of music, film and television including Amanda Palmer, Milla Jovovich, The Beach Boys, Kristen Bell, Kumail Nanjiani, Jennifer Aniston, Big Boi, Emma Stone, Linkin Park, Ray Romano, Devo, Megan Fox, Steve Aoki, Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey, Jr. (who once lived in the Hollywood Hills home which served as the main Buzzine studio space).

With Chemistry’s help, the Elfman’s big adventure navigated its angel investment round and entered into successful Series A investor negotiations.

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